Sub Project 6 - Mayreau

Promoting marine conservation and nature friendly tourism in Mayreau Gardens and the Tobago Cays Marine Park

Promotion de la conservation marine et le tourism vert dans le parc national des Tobago Cays

A young but model Grass Roots NGO, MEDO is strongly motivated and works for the preservation of its "micro territory" through the development of ecotourism, promotion of traditions and community involvement.

Mayreau is a hilly micro island in the Grenadines. Despite massive development elsewhere in the Grenadines the island remains relatively pristine and untouched. Parts of Mayreau are within the recently designated Tobago Cays Marine Park. The Mayreau islanders are totally dependent on their natural resources for their income, if these are damaged or destroyed so are their livelihoods. At the moment they are more inclined to see tourists as a threat to that resource than a potential alternative or additional source of income.

The present project aims to turn this around by implementing a series of actions that will not only encourage more responsible management of the marine resources amongst local fishermen and visitors alike, but also increase the potential benefits in terms of revenue and job opportunities for the islanders and additional tourist attractions for visitors.

A central feature of the project is the building of a marine environment interpretation centre that will act as a tourist attraction in itself and at the same time raise awareness for the need to conserve the fragile marine environment. In addition, a series of short terrestrial and marine nature trails is to be developed around the island to take the pressure off the Marine Park. Finally the project will strengthen the collaborative role of the project team in the overall management of the Marine Park.