Sub Project 3 - Union Island

Enhancing the Nature Tourism Product: Cultural Heritage and Nature Tourism an integrated approach

l'intégration de l'element culturel dans les sentiers nature

The Union Island Association for Ecological Preservation (UIAP) is the oldest ecological association in the Grenadines. It was founded in recognition of the late venerable Duff Walker James, Archdeacon at St. John the Divine of Jerusalem, coinciding with the launching of the state's "Decade of the Environment" in 1991. UIAP works on a volunteer basis, attracting the sympathies of major universities and environmental institutions. Their focus is scientific survey; inventorying natural and cultural assets and assessing how best to preserve these for the future. IACA is the region's major archaeological and cultural research body with 40 years experience in promoting the Caribbean's cultural resource through research and publications.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are extraordinarily scenic and retain a significant proportion of their natural habitats as well as a rich archaeological and cultural heritage. Despite these stunning attributes, certain areas of the state are rarely visited by tourists. Part of the reason is that there is no international airport and few, if any, hotels catering for mass tourism on the mainland or the specialist tourist in the Grenadine Archipelago. These destinations are ideal for an integrated nature and cultural heritage tourism,which is a rapidly expanding form of tourism in the Caribbean.

The present project is intended to be a model, illustrating how each sub project team can benefit from the two components : nature and culture.

Workshops and and training courses will show trainees and participants how to integrate heritage assets into nature trails heritage and eco-tourism sites inorder to enhance the tourism product. Courses have been designed to educate guides, tour operators and the community on the importance of natural and cultural heritage and how to sensitively manage these. This is supported by public education in schools, at community centres and o n floating classrooms.