Sub Project 5 - Martinque

Les Ombrages : nature tourism as an economic tool for women in development

Implication des femmes dans le développement du tourism vert et culturel - le site des “Ombrages” comme support logistique

The SlAB's mandate is the promotion of Ajoupa Bouillon in the North of Martinique and its natural assets, bringing together
rural communities and nature tourism. Women are major players in the development programme.

The northern part of Martinique retains significant areas of outstanding natural beauty. One of these areas, near the town of Ajoupa Bouillon, has been developed by the SlAB as a nature trail - Les Ombrages - which has become increasingly popular with visiting tourists
Les Ombrages, is however much more than just a nature trail, it is in many ways a focal point and has been instrumental in job training and awareness raising especially amongst the local community.

The site is renowned for its Creole Garden, containing many of the edible fruits, herbs and vegetables found on the island that are used to make condiments, jams, herbal remedies and local dishes.

Building on initial successes, the present project aims to increase the capacity of women to benefit from eco-tourism initiatives. It will focus in particular on the use of produce normally found in a creole garden and grown locally by the women in their own gardens. A strategy and a series of training workshops will be set up to promote the development, marketing and sales of local garden produce.This will lead to the establishment of a women's co-operative and the opening of an outlet at Les Ombrages for the sale of their produce. The project will also repair severe damage recently caused to the trail systems and develop a series of guide books on its activities as a means of promoting the site as a regional model for community based nature tourism. Emphasis will be on women's involvement, both in Martinique and in the wider Caribbean.