A commercial captive dolphin project is planning to open on Pigeon Island, over a decade after local ecologist Jane Tipson was brutally assassinated for leading a campaign against a similar project in 2003.
RIP Mona George Dill, President to the ECCEA
The Silent Oceans Coalition is calling on the worldwide public to stand up for more silence in the oceans and appeal to decision-makers to prevent dangerous projects such as crude oil exploration from going ahead without an environmental impact assessment.
More than 1000 Croatian Islands in the Adriatic Sea, stretch from Istria to Dubrovnic; they are stunning, timeless and unreservedly natural. Their history is ancient and vibrant, their transparent waters a haven for coastal communities and Mediterranean marine life, whales, turtles and manta rays; for now? Seismic oil and gas exploration projects are in the pipeline.
Seismic exploration for hydrocarbon resources threatens maldavian waters. Seismic exploration projects create sonic shocks that create disaster for marine mammals and their sonar, for turtles, fish and a multitude of ocean life forms, all paying a heavy tribute to our own concupiscence.
Latin American, Caribbean and International NGOs to Call on their Governments to Stop Japanese whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary
Je suis Charlie
RIP 19th November 1928 - 21st December 2014

A number of whale strandings have been reported this year off the coast of Martinique.  Below is an illustrated article of a coordinated effort to save an 8 tonne sperm whale towed from the mangrove to the St Lucia Chanel yesterday. It is hoped he will survive.

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It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Nadege Gandilhon was awarded her Doctorate with "highest honours" Friday 6th July 2012.

OPENING STATEMENT - 64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission, Panama City.

Whaling quotas for indigenous groups in Alaska, Russia and the Caribbean were renewed at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) annual meeting

The chair of the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust, local attorney and native of Bequia, Louise Mitchell Joseph, rejected the notion that whale hunting was a tradition activity of the aboriginal people of the islands.

East Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness (ECCEA)  presentation by Vincentian NGO's  regarding Aboriginal Subsistance Whaling in St Vincent and the Grenadines to the 64th International Whaling Commission Plenary in Panama on 3rd July 2012 on behalf of Coalition members and those of the Latin American Buenos Aires Group (BAG) contingency

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Opening Statement to the IWC, Jersey 2011

Two ancient hawksbill turtles thought to be 150-170 years old were rescued from a certain slow death on the Nuku'alofa waterfront by local conservationists who saw their plight and rallied local businesses for support to save them

Download the letter to the US Secretary of State
Download the full letter send to the Ambassador of Japan.
The history of whaling in St Vincent and the Grenadines is less than 150 years old ...
France and Netherlands share common goals for whale Sanctuary in the Caribbean
France officially declares the establishment of the AGOA Marine Mammal Sanctuary in the FWI
Comment from "The Australian"
Nations failed Wednesday to reach a deal to curb
whale hunts by Japan, Norway and Iceland
Countries attempting to reach a compromise on whaling have reached an "impasse"
Press stories about vote buying/corruption within the IWC
Press articles from the UK
Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of Grenada
IFAW Blog May 28th 2010
Latin American Countries Reject Whaling Proposal
IFAW Blog May 27th 2010
Refrain from supporting commercial whaling
Video.  TED prize winner.
No Whaling in Sanctuaries, No Way! (video)
Comment on the Whaling Quota Proposal by Lesley Sutty ECCEA
Articles from around the web on the Whaling Quota Proposal
Proposals for Amending the Schedule of the International Convention for the regulation of Whaling
A very clear, strong statement from NZ's Foreign Minister
Sideny Holt on whaling, children's chapter - once upon a time?
The three-island territory of Tokelau declared itself a whale sanctuary.
What are believed to be the world's deepest undersea volcanic vents have been discovered in the Caribbean.
The extraordinary shots that capture the gentleness of nature's largest predator
Pass the bluefin sushi, shark fin soup and polar bear paw ashtray.
Japan defeated the proposed bluefin ban, efforts to regulate coral trade and shark species used in the fin trade from gaining protection.
The culture of secrecy revealed by the Toyota debacle and Japan's
bloody-mindedness over sea life show how out of step the country is with
the modern world
Stocks will collapse after a few more seasons of fishing at current
levels, and investors will just move on to the next catch
Assassination of Jane Tipson - September 2003
Tell Japan We'll Keep The Ban !  Do you love whales? Do you believe these magnificent creatures which have inhabited our beautiful Earth for millions of years should be spared from further commercial hunting?