Reports published by ECCEA

UPDATE OF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY covering the period 2003-2014

A review by Dr. Sandra Altherr and Sigrid Lüber

A report for the International Whaling Commission by the Animal Welfare Institute  -  June 2012

Item 18.11 Health IssuesConcerning IWC 64, Agenda Item 7.3 Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Catch Limits and Agenda.

A guide for those who encounter marine mammals at sea : licensed operators, fishermen, ships and yachts
Assurer la protection des mammiferes marins et, plus largement. des nombreuses formes de vie qui constituent l'écosysteme contr toutes les formes de perturnation prevenant des activities humaines.
The impact of overfishing and the solutions.
Japanese aid and whale hunting. Hand in hand ?