There are altogether 1 Overall and 8 sub projects in the present phase of the ECCEA regional programme. The projects will run concurrently for three years.

The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen regional initiatives within the Eastern Caribbean, promote community based nature and heritage tourism, environmental education and to improve the conservation of island ecosystems.

The projects propose an alternative to the “all inclusive” package holidays (i.e. St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua) and mass tourism development on coastal areas in the East Caribbean. This is ecotourism, which focuses on the needs of natural and cultural assets, communities and partnerships.

Specific objectives

  1. Strengthen, through the ECCEA network, regional NGO co-operation in contrast to isolated actions
  2. Develop a series of nature trails, heritage sites and other nature friendly tourism initiatives
  3. Create a potential for increased revenues for the local communities involved
  4. Undertake training courses for tour operators and other local site users on all 8 islands to promote the sustainable use and management of the 'eco-sites' by both tour operators and tourists
  5. Promote the conservation of valuable island ecosystems through on site actions
  6. Increase the capacity of women to diversify their revenues, enabling them to benefit economically from nature tourism
  7. Raise awareness for the need to conserve the remaining natural wealth of the East Caribbean islands


The communities, adults and children, public and private sectors and the environment.